It begins…

I’m ridiculously excited. This week the roses in my garden have started to bloom. So far Desdemona (English Rose, 2015), Princess Anne (English Rose, 2010) and Archiduc Joseph (Old Rose, Tea, France, 1892) are the first to bloom. 

This year I’ve planted or potted 6 new roses. 2 Yves Piaget (one of my all time favourite roses, not English or Old, but peony in style and an amazing scent); 1 Jude the Obscure (another of my favourite roses, English, and again, an amazing scent); two of the brand new English roses for 2018: The Mill on the Floss and Emily Bronte ( ), can’t wait to meet them; and finally The Generous Gardener, a rose I’ve never grown before (but have been tempted many times), but I saw the most amazingly healthy bush at the local garden centre and simply had to find a place for it in the garden. 

I think I’m growing over 40 varieties now (maybe 50?) in my very small “bowling alley” garden, grass down the centre with beds of roses along the sides. I would love to create two circular beds in the lawn (one towards the front, the other towards the rear) with a table in the centre so that I could just sit in the middle surrounded by roses. Maybe I will one day, but even as it is the roses now dominate the garden (this is our 6th summer here). I’ve tried adding some perennials in this year, but fear that a combination of slugs, snails and shade from the bursting rose bushes may prove too much of a challenge, we’ll see. 

As some of you who follow me (thanks to each and every one of you) may have noticed, I’ve been posting images of roses from past years daily over the last several weeks, mostly attempting to keep myself entertained while waiting for the season to begin, but also enjoying sharing with you the photos I’ve taken in this and previous gardens as well as in visits to lovely gardens like Kew and David Austin’s. Soon, I’ll start posting images of the roses from this year, I hope you’ll enjoy them. 

Please feel free to say hi or ask me anything at all about these roses. I’m absolutely no expert, but happy to try to answer any questions that I can. 

Best wishes,

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