Spring 2019

The first roses have just started to open this week, but there are hundreds of buds in the garden which will be opening over the next few weeks and then the garden will really come to life with the first flush. 

Everything’s a bit messy and unkept, and that’s fine. We’ve planted lots of wildflower seeds in the the beds and we’re just letting everything go, weeds and flowers, and see how it comes up. We’re also letting the grass grow a bit unevenly and trying to encourage wildlife in the garden as much as possible. We’ve put up butterfly boxes, bee boxes, bug boxes and even a lady bird box to go along with the usual bird feeders scattered around everywhere. 

There’s also a frog hotel which was expanded with a few broken flower pots, logs and some saucers to create a frog and toad grotto. So far we’ve seen an adult toad and a young toad, so I hope they continue to thrive and do well. 

Nell, our beautiful corgi, loves the garden. She spends as much time as she can outside, chewing grass and chasing cats away. 

Most of the new roses I bought this year are in pots on the patio, there’s about 20 of them and they’re all doing really well, I can’t wait to see the new flowers. There’s about 30 roses in the beds and with the extra light coming in since the neighbours removed a completely overgrown buddleia “tree” next door, the beds are now getting at least 6 hours of sun each day, fabulous. I’ve planted lots of annuals and perennials in with the roses along with the wildflower seeds, so I’m expecting a chaotic display this year. We’ve also planted lots of summer bulbs, so we’ll see if they come up alright. I’m hoping it’s all going to be lovely.

Okay… it’s about to start… here we go!