• It was half term last week so I had the opportunity to go for a lovely afternoon walk after the rain had cleared. I took our corgi Nell out to the local pub called The Bear and Ragged Staff here in Cumnor.

  • A recent test of Midjourney 6 creating architectural spaces, this time an imaginary monastery. I really like the consistency of colour in these moody images and the way that light illuminates the structure through the paned windows. I’d happily spend some time here.

  • This is a set I made last year based on the game Clue (Cluedo in the UK). I wanted to test Midjourney’s ability to create the suspects, rooms and weapons, all with a 1950s atmosphere. It’s one of my favourite projects.

    The suspects:

    The rooms:

    The weapons:

  • I often photograph distressed walls when I come across them because I think they’re beautiful and can sometimes use them as texture layers for work in Photoshop. I thought it would be interesting to see what I could get from Midjourney, and am quite pleased with these.

  • Picking up from the Streetcar Named Desire post of Blanche, I wanted to see what Midjourney 6 thought of Stanley. This was another very simple prompt pretty much just saying the character and the play and Midjourney knew what to do. There’s definitely a touch of Marlon Brando in the images, which isn’t a surprise because that’s certainly the most famous actor to play the role and he is iconic in the white tank top.

  • Well, these are interesting… Midjourney 6 is still in Alpha phase, and it’s very much a mixed bag at this point. This was a very basic prompt asking for Blanche from the play without me giving any descriptions whatsoever and Midjourney clearly knows who she is and the mood of the play. I’ve heard other people mention that this version tends to give similar looking people in the results and this is really true here, I think, because several of these look like they could be the same actress in different scenes whilst older versions of Midjourney would really give wildly different results from the same prompt.

    Another interesting thing about the Alpha is that the old “problem with hands” is back, it is really struggling to not mix up fingers or shapes and is trying to hide hands most of the time. I understand that they are working on this and the next version in a week or two will bring it back up at least to the level of version 5.3 which still had issues, but was much better.

    Overall though, I think these are pretty interesting. The lighting is really fantastic and moody, the colours look right for the period and the clothes are right. It’s amazing how far AI has come in just over a year or so.

    What do you think?

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